Aim 2: Supportive academic environments for research and education.

Professor Eligius Lyamuya took the audience through the objectives of aim 2 which are to revitalize and expand the academic community to deliver the new curriculum and undertake research by faculty, trainees, and students in order to identify and address Tanzania health priorities. Specifically, meeting was informed that there are two sub aims to operationalize 

• Faculty development: Mentor faculty to develop academic careers as educators and researchers • Building Community of Young Research Peers (CYRP)

The presenter highlighted the specific activities and outputs for 5 years but specifically concentrated on the outputs for year 1. It was learned that 53 members of Health Professional Education Group (HPEG) were identified from the 3 institutions among them 13 were from CUHAS, 14 from KCMUCo and 26 were from MUHAS. The HPEGs roles were to 

• To provide leadership in curricula development • To mentor and encourage others to develop and deliver innovative approaches to teaching and learning and  • To undertake scholarship in health professions education A team of 5 senior scientists from the 3 Universities and one from Duke University and a group of peer researchers were also identified. A list of senior scientists is as shown: 

• Dr. Daniel Gunda (CUHAS) • Dr. Bruno Sunguya (MUHAS) • Prof. Blandina Mmbaga (KCMUCo) • Prof. John Bartlett (Duke) • Prof. Eligius Lyamuya (MUHAS) 

The CYRP included 4 from each of the Consortium Member University making a total of 12 for the first group. The existing 10 MEPI JF fellows has a role to mentor and share experiences with THE CYRP.